Glad you're here! Pretty sure I'm the commercial photographer you've been looking for. Based in Salt Lake City and with nearly a decade behind the lens, I've unlocked the art of light and color and harnessed the magic of visual storytelling. My diverse portfolio is a wild ride, beginning as a graphic design intern flipped Photography Manger at 3form, an architectural materials company, shooting installations, interiors, warehouse processes, and social trends, all while working closely with wicked talented artists, designers, and engineers. Eventually I was picked up by Heyday, an e-comm tech startup, as their Director of Photography, where I learned to wear many tiny little hats. I had my photographers hat I was used to, but there was also the art director, production coordinator, set designer, shoot producer, prop stylist (that one had a little feather), and the studio manager hat. I got really good at wearing all those hats stacked one on top of the other. But nothing lasts forever and I'm on to bigger and better. That's where you come in. You and your stellar product/building/brand/face that needs an image stack to match. And I'm determined to get it right. Let's link up below .

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